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9 IN 1 TACTICAL PEN by Bell+Howell: A technical pen with replaceable ink. Comes with a Flat Head and Phillips screwdriver & bottle opener, a flashlight with zoom function and STROBE for self defense (replaceable battery), whistle and an emergency escape tool for breaking glass.

Super bright flashlight, emergency glass breaking tool, self defense whistle, zoom function, working pen, self defense strobe, bottle opener, phillips screwdriver, and flat head screwdriver.

There's Nothing Like It On The Market Today!

Tac Pen™ frozen inside ice and still working. Tac Pen™ inside boiling water and still working.

DURABLE & HANDY Tac Pen is constructed from high-grade aluminum. It not only looks and feels durable, it is very durable. Takes up as much space as your regular ball-point pen - so have one ready in your car, in your kitchen, garage or bedroom.

Tac Pen™ Tough Metal Construction

MILITARY-GRADE TECHNICAL PEN has built-in tools the average person needs but are nowhere to be found when they are needed the most. We took the statistics, materialized them into one item, and the result is Tac Pen by Bell+Howell.

Tac Pen™ writing like a normal pen

REPLACEABLE INK & BATTERIES Tac Pens Battery and ink are both replaceable. So say goodbye to those other products that are good only until the built-in battery loses power or the after the ink runs dry. Please refer to images for break down of components.

Tac Pen™ with a pocket clip

PORTABLE & COMPACT With a 7" collapsed length, as mentioned, the Tac Pen is similar in size to your standard office pen, so you can carry it with you anywhere, inside your purse, your glove or overhead compartment. More so, the thickness is just perfect so you can actually comfortably write with it!


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